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Head of Marketing

Sajid Malik

Global Sales Director

Ingo Ellerbrock

Head of Product Management

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Sustainability - from buzzword to added value

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The reduction of waste during the entire roll to roll process lowers both, your costs and ecological footprint. Well, this is of course nothing new - but our new camera based guiding sensor is. With the brand new CLS CAM 100 an additional steering line is not needed anymore as you can guide to any part of the design. However, this is only one component out of many BST solutions along web running processes. BST helps you to benefit from data exchange within closed loop applications for highest accuracy, quality and productivity.
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Video conference

Sustainability - from buzzword to added value

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The reduction of waste during the entire roll to roll process lowers both, your costs and ecological footprint. Well, this is of course nothing new - but our new camera based guiding sensor is. With the brand new CLS CAM 100 an additional steering line is not needed anymore as you can guide to any part of the design. However, this is only one component out of many BST solutions along web running processes. BST helps you to benefit from data exchange within closed loop applications for highest accuracy, quality and productivity.
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.030  Workflow systems

Workflow systems

  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.020  Web guides
  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.025  Web inspection and control systems
  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.095  Colour measurement and control systems

Colour measurement and control systems

  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.205  Quality inspection systems
  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.215  Register control systems

Register control systems

  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.330  Web monitoring systems
  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.02  Measuring and testing engineering
  • 06.02.095  Spectrophotometers


  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.02  Measuring and testing engineering
  • 06.02.150  Control, feed-back control and drive technology

Our products

Product category: Web monitoring systems, Web inspection and control systems, Web guides

Web Guiding

Highest precision for your web guiding

Aligned to your production:
In their scope and automation level, BST web guiding systems exactly comply with the requirements of your production process when it comes to scope and automation level.

Controlling systems for each processing degree
How the path of your production web is best controlled depends on the processing level of the web. Unprocessed webs may only be adjusted by means of the web edge or web centre-line, since the web itself does not have any further contrast features. Finished webs, on the other hand, offer more options for sensor-based position detection thanks to, for example, printed lines and freely selectable contrasts.

Web guiding types
Regarding the web edge guiding, guiding is realised depending on the left or right web edge by means of an edge sensor. During web centre-line guiding, two edge sensors detect the position of the web centre-line as the basis for the position setting. Contrast controlling procedures are oriented on continuous or broken printed lines or a contrast edge.

Precision due to experience
As the leading manufacturer of quality-assuring systems for the web processing industries, BST eltromat International has already installed more than 100,000 systems in over 100 countries worldwide.

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Product category: Web inspection and control systems


BST eltromat offers their customers the right scanning system for each type of material.
The product range contains different sensors for different applications.

Ultrasonic sensors (US)
The scanning of the web edge is carried out contactless by ultrasonic waves.

Optical sensors (IR/RS)
Non-contact scanning of the web edge is carried out by light.

Digital sensors
The non-contact scanning of the web of material is carried out by detecting contrasts in light conditions. A CCD Cam 100 can scan up to eight contrast transfers.

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Product category: Web guides, Web inspection and control systems, Control, feed-back control and drive technology


State-of-the-art technology. Precise web guiding.

Controllers from the BST Group ensure that the processed material is exactly in its intended position by means of an actual-target comparison.

The compact design of all control devices allows direct mounting on or in the actuator or your machine.
With a large number of connectable components, the devices can be optimally adapted to their respective tasks in any case.
All controllers have connections for different sensors such as ultrasonic, optical, line and contrast sensors as well as line and object cameras) and actuators of different power levels.

Find out everything about the individual operating models and the new BST.Help function in the brochure or on our website.

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Product category: Web inspection and control systems, Control, feed-back control and drive technology


Motor-driven actuators
Motor-driven actuating drives are used wherever a very fast response to web position changes is needed.
The actuator can be connected directly to the controller.
Ready-to-install designs mean quick, cost-effective assembly which is particularly beneficial for retrofitting existing systems.

Features of motor-driven actuators:
• Wear-resistant DC motors
• Ball screw spindle drives for a long service life and minimum backlash
• Designed for curved and linear correcting movements
• Various combinations of actuation path, force and speed possible
• Available with or without position feedback (precise capturing of current actuating drive position) and electronic end position switch-off
• Maintenance-free

Performance data
BST eltromat actuators can be used in combination with our guiding devices for a variety of web guiding tasks.
We offer electric drives with actuating forces of up to 9,000 N and strokes of up to 300 mm with or without
position feedback.

All details and data can be found in our brochure.

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Product category: Web guides, Web inspection and control systems, Control, feed-back control and drive technology

CLS CAM 100 - State of the Art Guiding

The all-new camera-based BST sensor CLS CAM 100 allows control directly according to objects and motifs on the web. Scanning of print lines and print edges is of course also possible. The intuitive, simple user guidance via the supplied 7-inch multi-touch operating panel is worthy of particular mention. 

CLS CAM 100 at a Glance

  • Precise scanning of objects and motifs, lines, print edges, or web edges using color sensors
  • Optimal lighting conditions by automatically regulated LED lighting with 500 fps
  • Object recognition, even at the highest web speeds up to 1,200 m/min
  • no additional trigger / no additional trigger signal required
  • Intuititve user guidance on external 7 inch multi-touch control panel
  • additional operation via color display directly on the sensor head
  • Minimization of downtime through simple operation and an intuitive user interface
  • Positioning help via laser projection
  • comfortable selection of guiding criteria by intuitive swipe gestures
  • Areas of application: control of contrast edges, web edges, or printed lines
  • Automatic job and setup saving to minimize makeready times

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Product category: Web monitoring systems, Control, feed-back control and drive technology

CLS Pro 600

Perfect line and contrast guiding
Do you need a sensor for dependable guiding of printed lines, print edges or web edges with maximum precision?

Do you want ease of operation, clear feedback concerning the measuring status and reliable functioning even with critical materials including reflecting

Then the CLS Pro 600 digital sensor might be exactly what you are looking for!

Learn all the details about CLS Pro 600 on our website or in the brochure.

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Product category: Quality inspection systems

iPQ Check digital

100% Print inspection for your quality assurance:

BRANDNEW: The iPQ Check digital:

iPQ-Check from BST is the premier digital printing inspection system.
It can be fully integrated into the digital workflow.

SMARTDataPreparation allows for complete automated job setup.

During the printing process, instant job changeover is possible.
And errors can be detected in the very first print image.
IPQ-Check Digital is also well-suited for inspecting multipage jobs.

Each page is checked for accuracy against the digital reference. That's how you always get optimal print results.

iPQ-Check is one of the components of the iPQ-Center.
As an intelligent tool for quality management, iPQ-Check uncompromisingly combines 100% print inspection with high-quality web monitoring throughout the entire print format. Typical areas for implementation of the iPQ-Check include packaging printing, decorative prints, wallpaper printing, and label printing. iPQ-Check also enables you to identify defects on rewinders, cross cutters, and longitudinal cutters.

With high-performance line cameras, iPQ-Check delivers detailed color image information for an instant read of the print pattern, starting from the first rotation of the print cylinder. Advanced technologies and algorithms ensure a complete and reliable inspection and the immediate elimination of the source of defects.
The result: flawless print quality that impresses your customers.

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Product category: Web monitoring systems, Quality inspection systems

iPQ View

Digital web viewing for your quality assurance:
iPQ-View by BST Group is a powerful tool for digital web viewing during the printing process.

Based on high-quality video display, the iPQ-View operator makes informed decisions on optical quality assurance. The intuitive operator interface minimizes the reaction times and offers the operator new capacities for other tasks. A wide range of standard functions and numerous options makes iPQ-View an attractive multifunctional tool for quality assurance.

Read all about the iPQ View in the brochure or on our website.

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Product category: Colour measurement and control systems, Spectrophotometers



In addition to the familiar functions, the cooperation with Measure Color and SMART Data Preparation offers great new features:

  •  It has an intuitive graphical user interface and is ready for smart data preparation.
  • SMARTDataPreparation is a data processing tool and offers a specified data interface.
  • By connecting Measure Color and iPQ Spectral, this interface provides even more efficient measurement
  • This simplifies the printing process control.
  • Enjoy the benefits of direct access to external databases to elevate your performance.
  • Set up your jobs effortlessly in Measure Color and save time and money with the extensive presets.
  • During the printing process, the software performs a spectral color evaluation, and it quickly provides recommendations for correcting color deviations.

IPQ Spectral and Measure Color – inline color measurement for professionals.

iPQ-Spectral allows you to comply with pre-defined color standards
by performing inline measurements within your printing
machine during productions. This means measurements after roll
changes using print samples with hand-held devices are no longer

Fully-automated measurement
• provides easy operator setup
• permanently records color data during the job
• objectively evaluates the color data and will trigger warnings
and alarms if the preset tolerances are exceeded
• logs color deviations and generates a job report

This on press monitoring allows for a rapid response to color deviations,
resulting in reduction of waste. Furthermore, you will get
a deeper insight into your printing process. Evaluation of the data
enables you to optimize the internal production processes, thus
gaining a competitive edge because cost savings can be easily identified.
In summary, the spectral inline color measurement system will
help you to create an economical printing process that will also
consistently impress customers with the highest possible color

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Product category: Quality inspection systems


PROView is the latest mid-range matrix camera-based monitoring system for narrow and wide web application from the BST Group.

It can be effortlelly installed by the plug-and-play system, and the job creation is simple and intuitive;
only the repeat length and web width are required.

Even for semi-opaque and transparent materials, a homogenous back side flash is available as an option,  such as a coating and UV flash for contrast.

Color Monitoring, a relative color measurement based on the matrix camera image for the early detection of color changes, is available.
The haze guard enables the visualization of coatings or other low contrast defects such as hazing.
PROView is available for all major brands of CI-flexo presses, Smart Register - a semiautomatic register setup. 

PROView, the new mid-level web monitoring system with an excellent price-to-performance ration

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Product category: Quality inspection systems

PowerScope 5000

Efficiently monitor print quality.
Sustainably increase performance.

The BST Group's POWERScope 5000 digital video monitoring system is a tool that primarily meets the requirements of label printing and
other narrow web applications.
In addition, however, it is equally flexible for monitoring wider material webs.
The system is characterized by an outstanding price/performance ratio.
The POWERScope 5000 combines cutting-edge technology and user-friendliness and is perfectly matched to the requirements of modern printing presses.

The BST Group system uses a compact digital camera for outstanding image quality and impresses with numerous innovative features that are unique to the entry-level web inspection segment.
The POWERScope 5000 is available with a variety of options such as motorized crossheads and 21.5" multi-touch monitors.

The POWERScope 5000 meets all criteria for the highest demands:
excellent price-performance ratio, easy operation, robustness and reliability.

Learn all about the POWERScope 5000 on our website or in the brochure.

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Product category: Web monitoring systems, Quality inspection systems


Print inspection solved intelligently

Introducing 100% print inspection that has never been as simple and cost-efficient as offered by the TubeScan product series.

From simple 100% web monitoring, detection of missing labels and matrix residues to high resolution 100% print inspection within a workflow - now you are able to realize all your needs with one modular system.

Performance characteristics:
Can take and display up to 30 images per second in live mode – seamless monitoring of every repeat in real time
Maximum speed range: 150 m / min – 500 m / min (450 ft / min – 1500 ft / min) – depending on the model
Maximum web width: 180 mm – 1100 mm (7 " – 44 ") – depending on the model

Standard features of all models:

  • 100% web viewing during make-ready and production
  • Superb image quality due to high camera resolution
  • Automatic repeat synchronization across the entire speed range of the machine
  • No health risk, less tiring compared to conventional monitoring using strobe lights
  • Fast and easy job setup
  • Very reliable and stable operation
  • Cost-efficient

For all further information and individual requirements please visit our website or contact us.

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Product category: Register control systems


Advanced register control

The new eltromat TWINStar is a compact register control system for controlling up to two control stations.

TWINStar is our answer to new challenges:

With its wide range of functions, it is the perfect solution for a large range of applications.
Typical areas of application include hybrid printing presses or converting machines in which many printing and processing methods are combined.

TWINStar shows its quality when checking downstream units, finishing or tooling stations, or when insetting preprinted materials.

Thanks to its flexible system architecture, the modular system is suitable for use on new machines as well as for retrofits on existing ones.

TWINStar - Your benefits:
- minimal waste
- reduced production costs
- fast set-up times
- very easy handling
- maximum quality
- high process accuracy
- increased productivity

Do you have special requirements?
Just get in touch with us.
We will be happy to help you.

For information at a glance, watch our video of the TWINStar.

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Product category: Register control systems

regi_star 20

The eltromat register control system regi_star 20
guarantees maximum automation.
Makeready times and waste are significantly reduced, which increases the productivity of the press.

The open system architecture enables simple and flexible machine integration.
Targeted system extensions allow the regi_star 20 to meet your growing requirements at any time.

The new features regi_commander and RegiChart enable even more effective use of the system.

regi_star 20 - Your benefits:

  •  minimal waste
  •  fast set-up times
  •  easy handling
  •  maximum quality at highest machine speed
  •  increased productivity
  •  high customer satisfaction
  •  reduced production costs

Excellent detection of all print marks:
Thanks to the integrated and powerful eltromat RSH register mark sensor, even low-contrast print marks are easily detected.
The modern touchscreen user interface offers efficient handling of the register control.
The clearly structured system enables maximum convenience for the operator.

Learn all about the new features of the regi_star 20 in our brochure.

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Product category: Register control systems

AR 4400

The efficient solution for precise register settings

AR 4400 enables precise control of register on many types of presses such as offset, hybrid and label presses.
The precision solution is characterized by its compact design, intuitive touchscreen operation and low installation effort.

With AR 4400, the setting of color and intermediary registers (front to back registers) is just as reliable as the control of additional printing units
(e.g. flexographic printing units) or die stations (e.g. rotary die cutters).

AR 4400 - Your benefits:
  • fast print preparation
  • easy handling
  • maximum quality
  • increased productivity
  • minimized waste
  • higher customer satisfaction
  • reduced costs
For more information, have a look at the video or our brochure.

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Product category: Colour measurement and control systems

FSS 15

The quick way to perfect color setting:

Electronic color control systems from the BST Group set standards
- in precision, speed, reliability and operating convenience.
With the FSS 15 color control system, BST Group offers a system that is optimally adjusted to the needs of the printer.
Its first-class price-performance ration makes FSS 15 a multifaceted solution for all printing presses.

FSS 15 - Your benefits:

• fast setup for printing
• simple operation
• maximum precision
• increased productivity
• minimized paper waste
• reduced costs

Learn more about the FSS 15 in the brochure, or watch our product video.

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Product category: Quality inspection systems, Web monitoring systems

LineScan - Surface Inspection

LineScan by the BST Group. Your surface inspection system.
The use of a high-resolution line scan camera and adapted lighting allows for the most accurate defect detection.
It is suitable for material widths up to 8,700 mm and speeds up to 1,200 m/min.
Even minor defects are highlighted by the intuitive user interface. 

The LineScan system can be used in a wide range of industries and applications due to its modular design,  by detecting defects directly in your production, you can save both:
material and machine capacity.

Benefit from extensive analysis options and deliver 100% inspected material to your customers.

LineScan is the reliable inspection system for the detection of defects:

  • In transparent and opaque film,
  • In paper
  • In metallized film and metallized paper
  • In laminates
  • In coatings
  • In cold seal applied on a printed substates
 Maintain your competitiveness by optimizing your processes with Surface Inspection from the BST Group, powered by SeeOne.

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Product category: Workflow systems


BST Group delivers efficient solutions to machine builders and users to automatize process workflows . The automation of production processes also serves as an important instrument to increase efficiency. This reduces the load on the machine operator and optimizes process security. That is how BST  automation solutions ensure improved production processes and product qualities – thus ensuring satisfied customers.

With BST as your automation partner, you can count on first-class technical competence and many years of practical experience with the most varied applications and in the most diverse areas of application. As a general contractor, BST realizes solutions for fully integrated automation from a single source, and to the highest standard.

BST Group offers automation solutions for a broad range of applications:

  • Operating concepts
  • Visualization systems
  • Controllers
  • Drive technology
  • Positioning technology
  • Security technology
  • Interfaces
  • Web guiding
  • Web tension control
  • Process optimization
  • Quality control systems
  • Other individual system components

BST takes care of all services in the process..

... from the planning, conceptualization, and consulting ...

... to the development and implementation of all system components (including the operating concept) ...

... to the start-up procedure, function and safety tests, and optimization.

Learn all about our individual solutions on our website, or feel free to contact us.

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About us

Company portrait

BST Group

With the merger in 2014, the traditional companies BST International and eltromat - have combined their competences and know-how into one strong brand: BST Group. This makes BST Group a leading full-service provider for quality assurance and production optimization in the web processing industry.

Thanks to the wide product portfolio and decades of experience in the web processing industry, the BST Group offers outstanding solutions for quality assurance from a single source. What do you get out of it as a customer? A partner who supports you with a lot of experience and innovative solutions along the entire web process and assists you with intelligent networking. This is done for the simple reason to perfecting your performance and to minimize waste.

The solutions are used worldwide in printing, packaging, coating & converting, film, rubber and tire production as well as solar cell and battery manufacturing.

No matter if single components, standard applications or complex networked systems: BST combines advanced technology and new products with an understanding of individual production requirements.

The BST Group is part of elexis AG and provides strong partnerships and a worldwide service network.

Company data

Number of employees 500-999